Turn on your skater swagger with our line of skating rails and bars. Grind away on our wide variety of rails and bars that will suit your preferred level of difficulty for a whole new skateboarding experience.
We have Element Flat Bar, Element Incline Flat Bar, McTwist Flat Bar Grind Rail with two size variations to choose from, McTwist Flat Bar Kinked Grind Rail and Canadian street skater Ryan Decenzo’s signature Dragon Rail. All of which are capped with rubber on the bottom to prevent slippage, as well as the caps and hinges are welded. They are made of high-quality durable materials such as steel and metal that are designed to withstand weather. In addition, our bars are adjustable in height.
An additional incentive is our rails are ready to use. In less than 5 minutes, you can get ready for action as these rails and bars are good to go; no hassle, no more complicated assembling of parts. They are easy to lock in so you can enjoy landing tricks on them without worrying they might wobble or fall apart. And since it has an ideal height range, these rails are very easy to learn on, which makes it very suitable for skaters of all levels. Grind on them all you want as they don’t fly off. These rails are tested and designed for sheer stability.
Practice, learn new tricks and perfect your skateboarding skills today while getting your money’s worth with our rails and bars. Should you have questions or inquiries, just send contact us and we’ll surely answer every query you have.

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