Halfpipes and Backyard Minis

Available from March 2013

If you are looking for affordable yet high-quality skateboard ramps, you have come to the right place. Ramps2Go offers a wide variety of skate park quality skateboard ramps.

Find the best ramps suited for your skating needs. Our line of halfpipes and backyard minis includes a 12 foot wide half pipe ramp, a 16 foot wide half pipe ramp and a 5 foot tall halfpipe among others. Our halfpipe kits are extremely simple to assemble. Each ramp can be constructed using only a drill. Our kit includes pre-drilled boards, screws and easy to follow instruction manual that comes with photos. Not to worry though as our products’ simplicity has not compromised quality and safety. We also provide extension parts for your skateboard ramps to add a twist and provide more challenge in your skateboarding experience.

Ramps2Go is bringing durable, wooden skateboard ramps to Australia. Ramps made out of wood are stronger plus they are skaters top choice. We offer the best ramps for your skating needs. No matter if you’re a beginner or a top pro skater, you can find a ramp of your preference and desired difficulty level.

Ramps2Go offers skateboard ramps that are unrivaled in quality and design as we take into consideration what’s latest in ramp technology. Rest assured that all our skateboard ramps are safe and tested. Ramps2Go is a skateboarder owned business so our shared passion for skateboarding with our clients is a guarantee that we provide the best products there are.

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