If you are even remotely into skateboarding I am sure you have at least once or twice thought about building your own skateboard ramp.

In theory there is not much to it. All you need is a bit of wood, a few steel tubes, a bit of metal and you should be good to go. And who wouldn’t want their own backyard mini, or even a small quarter pipe in their backyard or drive way. I mean, that would be pretty sick.

But before you go to bunnings, you need to find some decent plans. And so your journey begins. There is quite a few websites that offer free halfpipe or mini ramp plans, and some that charge for it. The problem is though, until you build it you can’t be sure how good or bad they are. Once you got the plan, you generally need to figure out the different sizes in meters as most plans are from the US, and you might have a hard time finding them here. Then you go down to Bunnings and realise how frickin expensive wood in Australia is. No kidding. And then you start to build your ramp.

The most difficult part will be to get the coping right, cutting it from a piece or plywood, or whichever method they are suggesting. Chances are that you have to redo the coping a few times before you get it right, all adding to your final bill, you’ll have to cut the timber, get the holes right, and what not. That’s where a lot of things can go wrong….

All to say, you probably already guessed, that we recommend purchasing one of our ready to assemble halfpipe or miniramp kits. They are a bit more expensive than purchasing the wood, but if you add up the time, and resources, you might just about end up with a fairly similar amount. Trust us, to build a skateboard ramp or to build a half pipe in Australia is not cheap and not that easy. So check out our kits and give us a call if you want to know more.